IMG_1384-Edit(My website’s currently under construction, so I hope you’ll excuse the mess – I’m working on it!)

Hi! My name’s Aaron, and I’m a Chicago-based actor, playwright, professional unicorn hunter, and guy who does creative stuff on the internet. You have arrived at my wonderful website (yay)! This is where you can read about what I’m doing right now, take a look at my previous projects both online and onstage, and contact me if you need to!

I moved to Chicago from Maine in 2013 to get my BA in Acting from Columbia College Chicago, and since then have done all kinds of awesome theater, both in CCC’s theater department and around the city. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with the AudioComics company over the past few years on such awesome Audible productions as Locke and Key, Gamadin: Word of Honor, and The X-Files.

I can always be contacted at theaaronlockman@gmail.com, and make sure to check me out on the various social medias!