Here are some photos of my various theater-y exploits!

Avenue Q at Metropolis Performing Arts Center, May-June 2018 (Nicky)

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot with Eclectic Full Contact Theatre, October 2017

Manifest 2017! Columbia College Senior Showcase (directed by Steve Scott) — scenes from I Love You Because and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Manifest 2017! Little Shop of Horrors Revue (with rehearsal puppet!)

Little Shop of Horrors, Columbia College Chicago, March 2017 – Audrey II Puppeteer (Photo Cred Chaz Mathieu)

Headshots with awesome photographer Tyler Core! October 2016

“Terry McMalt Has a Pet Bear” by Ted Dayton – Annoyance Theatre, October 2016

Lysistrata – the side project theatre, July 2016


Whatever by Robert Tenges – the side project theatre company, July 2015