The Audio Diary of Aaron Lockman is a serial fiction podcast about a fictional twenty-something named Aaron Lockman who happens to sound exactly like me. It takes place in a slightly mythical version of Chicago, where wizards and werewolves lurk around every corner, and it addresses the existential panic and despair that would result from living is such a terrifying universe (which is of course nothing like our universe, where everyone is safe and happy all the time).

Towards the end, the podcast goes in a slightly different direction, including a nonfiction miniseries called Unreviewable in which I attempt to rate nebulous concepts like bisexuality, failure, longing, and Star Trek, on a five-star scale.

The later episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and the iOS Podcast app. You can listen to the podcast in its entirety on this YouTube playlist. Or even better, just listen below!